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Krazy Bling has been a huge part of my life ever since it came into exsistance, quite literally lol! It all started while I was on maternity leave with my first daugter. We started with something simple and unique & the business just kept growing and growing.. We expanded our inventory and items. We really just brought in what our customers wanted!

After a turn of events, I truly began to fully pursue this dream of mine. Being a BUSINESS OWNER. All I have focused on is growing this business & being a mom of course! 💗 The fashion is the plus! I LOVE IT! I love picking out the styles that my customers love so well. I love fashion myself and we are here to totally cater to your needs!! XOXO KB

I hope y'all choose to shop our brand, we really love what we have to offer. And we offer some pretty good deals too!😉

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